About Us

Wednesday & Sunday Nights

This is a great “entry point” for students to get their foot in the door of the student ministry at Mooresville 1st UMC.

5th & 6th grade students meet in the Fellowship Hall on Sundays 4:00-5:00pm. A typical week includes a crazy, active game followed by Bible study and prayer in the youth room.

7th-12th grade students meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30pm. We usually break off into small groups to talk and pray about what’s going on in our lives. Then we head to the youth room where occasionally students take the lead by sharing songs and life stories. We then come back together and discuss the topic of the evening and learn a practical approach to applying to our lives. We have become a very music based group and thrive on worship time at the beginning of and end of our time together, and love to learn new music! We welcome everyone to our group and look forward to welcoming new faces. If you feel intimidated please feel free to bring a friend with you to experience the night together. We welcome with open arms, everyone who walks through the door! Come Check us out!

Sunday Mornings

7th-12th grade students meet in the youth room during the 9:45am church service (usually meeting from about 10:15-11:00am) to gain a big picture understanding of God’s plan.

9th-12th grade Ignite student leaders meet during 3rd service every other week in the youth room for discussions and training that prepares them to serve the church and the world around them.

2018 Has been a GREAT Year for iMPACT Youth Group Activities

526 – Estimated total hours of sleep lost by leaders in 2018 at lock-ins and retreats

15,000 – 15,000 dollars raised for missions through various donors and fundraisers

1 – The number of times the youth beat the leaders in dodgeball

350 – Approximate number of times Pastor Coop accidentally hit someone in the head with a dodgeball

100 – Estimated number of times students encountered God’s Word through youth programs

24 – Artists who performed at the two concerts the youth attended in 2015

8 – High school students who are actively engaged in leadership through our IGNITE program

6 – Special events for serving the church including youth-led worship services, Thank you breakfasts, VBS, and others.

1 – The number of directions we’re heading as our united youth ministry looks forward to great things in 2019!